Carolyn Whitnall is a poet who lives in Bristol and blogs here She has generously allowed us to reproduce here her poem ‘Razed’, which takes a thoughtful look at a familar biblical story.

Guest blogs are invited to stimulate thought and comment. They do not necessarily reflect the view of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence.


I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said – “Too right I’m angry, seething hot;
Far better had He smote me on the spot
Than made me see the staying of His hand.
His mercy stoops to depths I cannot stand:
I’ve fled it like a fugitive, till caught
And swallowed up, digested and spat out;
Reborn into a life I hadn’t planned.
Then, all obedience, I played my part –
Only for Him to heal my foe, and tear
Instead the bounding constructs I hold dear.”
I murmured noncommittally, at heart
Reflecting how unchanged our common fear
That people who are far off, would be brought near.

Carolyn Whitnall, 2018.

Whale image reproduced under Creative Commons, courtesy of Aline Dassell

Guest blog: ‘Razed’ by Carolyn Whitnall.
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