Welcome from the CSBV director, Helen Paynter

Welcome! Thank you for visiting us. We hope that on these pages you can find out all that you would like to know about us. If you are interested in learning more about our work, please get in touch with me by emailing paynterh@bristol-baptist.ac.uk.

The Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence was founded in 2018 to be a study centre dedicated to working in the area of the interpretation of biblical texts of violence. Since then, it has broadened its range of interests to include the study of how the Bible is abused to promote violence. The Centre exists to promote and conduct high-quality scholarship, and to serve the churches in the UK and internationally by offering accessible resources to equip them to read the scriptural texts of violence well and to offer counter-violent narratives.

We believe that the Bible, God’s word to us, has a trajectory that points to God’s heart for peace and justice. We are convinced that the highest revelation of the character of God is found in Christ crucified, but that faithful, rigorous biblical interpretation can help us to reveal the upright and loving character of God in both Testaments.

We are therefore dedicated to rigorous, honest scholarship which does not shy away from asking hard questions of the text and interpreters. At core, we are committed to a confessional, faithful reading of scripture, but we are also committed to respectful dialogue with scholars from many faith backgrounds and ideological stances.

You can read more fully about our core convictions here.

The Centre operates with two arms.

1. The Academic Arm of the Centre focuses on undertaking and facilitating cutting-edge postgraduate research in the area, and offering postgraduate academic teaching.

2. The Applied Arm of the Centre focuses on delivering meaningful, accessible resources to the churches in the UK and internationally.

To learn a little more about us, read our introductory blog post here or just have a browse!