We are delighted to have a growing number of research associates, who are all conducting work in areas related to the work of the CSBV. One of our core principles is generous collaboration, and all of our associates are operating in this way: contributing to the work of the Centre through (among other things) editing books, reviewing papers, and co-authoring research output.

Dr Ashley Hibbard

Ashley is currently adjunct faculty at Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. She has a BRE from Great Lakes Bible College (2010), an MDiv from Heritage Theological Seminary (2014), and a PhD in Theology from Trinity College/University of Aberdeen (2020). Her PhD dissertation was entitled, “Deep Calls to Deep: an investigation into a chain of intertextualities between some Genesis narratives and Deuteronomic laws.”

Dr Maria Power

Maria is a Fellow of Blackfriars Hall, Oxford where she is the director of the Human Dignity project at the Las Casas Institute for Social Justice. Her research aims to use the teachings of the bible to overcome structural and cultural violence in Britain and Ireland. Maria’s forthcoming book, Catholic Social Teaching and Theologies of Peace in Northern Ireland: Cardinal Cahal Daly and the Pursuit of the Peaceable Kingdom will be published by Routledge in 2020.

Brandon Hurlbert

Brandon is currently working on his PhD in Theology and Religion at Durham University. His area of focus is in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and his dissertation explores the Christian reception of the book of Judges and how Judges can continue to function as Christian scripture in the present. His other research interests include violence and the Bible, intertextual readings between the Bible and Film, and the Bible in Pop-Culture.

Michael Spalione

Michael is currently studying for a PhD with the University of Aberdeen. His dissertation title is “Church, Kindom, and Political Theology: A Constructive Hermeneutical Proposal in Dialogue with Stanley Hauerwas and Oliver O’Donovan.”

Dr Trevor Laurence

Trevor has recenty been awarded his PhD with the University of Exeter. His dissertation title was “Cursing with God: The Imprecatory Psalms and the Ethics of Christian Prayer.”
He is Executive Director of the Cateclesia Institute.