We are inviting applications for our MA programme. We offer an MA pathway in Bible and Violence within the current MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission offered by Bristol Baptist and Trinity Colleges. Our taught degrees are awarded through Durham University. Most recently we have introduced a new module titled ‘Gender Based Violence and the Christian Tradition‘. This module will take a multi and inter-disciplinary approach to consider the causes, manifestations, and responses to gender-based violence in various settings. We will study biblical texts of violence and other relevant biblical themes, and will interrogate critical research from a theological perspective. It is intended that students will leave the module with a good understanding of how to prevent and respond to gender based violence, and of the theological and pastoral issues raised.

This MA will allow students to develop their competence at biblical hermeneutics, and to pursue their own particular interests through an Independent Learning Project (mini-dissertation) and a full dissertation. There is also the possibility of learning a biblical language as part of this course. Students who arrive with some competence at Greek or Hebrew may have the opportunity to develop this further, and to study a biblical text in the original language. For those who are considering progressing to further study, this provides an ideal starting point.

MA study can be undertaken full-time or part-time. Most modules are taught over ten weeks, though some can be undertaken in block weeks.

Students registered through the CSBV automatically become part of this lively research institution, with the possibility of collaborating in research projects, conferences and more. We also run a seminar group for our MA students which allows them to explore relevant themes beyond the classroom environment.

Bristol Baptist College also hosts the Centre for Anabaptist Studies, and some of the modules offered on their MA pathway may be relevant for our students. We aim to offer as much flexibility as possible. To enquire about studying for an MA at the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence, contact the Director on paynterh@bristol-baptist.ac.uk. General information about studying for an MA at Bristol Baptist College can be found on the College website