Revd Dr Helen Paynter,
Centre Director
Alongside her role as director of the Centre, Helen is a Baptist minister in Bristol, England and a tutor at Bristol Baptist College. Her PhD thesis was on seriocomic humour in the book of Kings, and her current research interests focus mainly around the narrative hermeneutics of Old Testament texts of violence. Helen lives in Bristol, England, with her husband Stephen and the youngest of their three daughters.

Revd Dr Stephen Finamore,
Associate academic member
Steve is Principal of Bristol Baptist College. His PhD thesis was on Girard and Revelation and he maintains a research interest in Girardian readings of scripture, among other things.

Revd Dr Peter Hatton,
Associate academic member
Peter is Old Testament tutor and Coordinator of Theological Education at Bristol Baptist College. His doctoral work was on contradictions in Proverbs, and his ongoing research interests include an investigation into the Old Testament view of ‘Empire’.