As we approach Remembrance day, Helen shares a hymn written to reflect on such an occasion:

The things that make for peace
to the tune of Jupiter (I vow to thee my country) Gustav Holst
Listen to it here. Recording for ‘The things that make for peace (Remembrance Hymn)’, words by Helen Paynter to the tune of Thaxted. Sung by Natalie Davies, accompanied by Research Associate Will Moore. 

In a world of pain and sorrow
where power conquers right
we receive the fresh commission
to fight the cause of light -
with the weapons you permit us:
patient love, self-sacrifice;
by the stirring of the Spirit
our fortitude will rise.
As by love and grace and mercy,
the captives we release
most of all, our Master, teach us
the things that make for peace.

May we live the deep reality,
the realm we cannot see;
your peaceful reign of freedom
and hospitality;
where the government is justice
with a bias to the poor,
where we celebrate our difference
and hasten not to war;
where suspicion, fear and
the seeds of hatred, cease;
so above all, Master, teach us
the things that make for peace.

To the foes of God and humankind
pride and hostility
we will raise the cross of Jesus Christ:
weakness, humility.
All the broken and fragmented
find their purpose in that place;
lost are found, sick find healing,
and prodigals find grace.
Here is reconciliation
of former enemies;
here we find our Master’s remedy -
the cross that makes for peace.

Copyright Helen Paynter 2013
The things that make for peace (Remembrance Hymn)
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