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On this page you will find an assortment of videos we have recorded on a range of different topics. You may also like to visit our YouTube channel. Click on the links below to jump to your topic of interest, or scroll down to browse.

Bible tour
Violence in the Bible
Sexual Abuse and the Crucifixion
Domestic Abuse
Political matters
Conference sessions
Lent Series

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Bible tour

It’s not all about violence(!) but during lockdown CSBV director Helen Paynter did a complete tour of the Bible in a series of videos. You can find the whole playlist here.

Violence in the Bible

Pub Theology
CSBV research associate Ashley Hibbard speaks to a Canadian reading group on reading the Bible with attention to the victims of violence. Video is on our YouTube channel here.

Chat with Jeff and Jon
In April 2020, during Covid-19 lockdown, Jon Stannard and Jeff Jacobson of West Leigh Baptist Church, Southend-on-Sea, interviewed Helen Paynter about biblical violence. You can watch the interview here.

Fuelcast: Jephthah’s daughter
short video discussing the appalling story of the sacrifice of Jephthah’s daughter in Judges 11.

Whitley Lecture 2018
In 2018 Helen delivered the Whitley Lecture, entitled ‘Dead and Buried. Attending to the voices of the victim in the Old Testament and today’ in 16 venues around the country. She blogged about it here. The written version of the lecture can be purchased on Amazon, and a video of the lecture in Paisley can be viewed here.

A Violent Fast
In Lent 2022, Helen offered a sermon at Tyndale Baptist Church on Isaiah 58, written in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Watch here.

Sexual Violence and the Crucifixion?

“When Did We See You Naked?” Symposium
Following the release of the new book by David Tombs, Rocio Figueroa and Jayme Reaves, the CSBV hosted this symposium to discuss some of the ideas that the book discusses and how they might be pastorally useful to victims of sexual abuse. You watch watch the video here. CW: this discussion might be upsetting for some.

Domestic abuse

Seed of Sequoia Launch Event
In November 2021, the Corrymeela community launched its resource for survivors of domestic abuse, “Seed of Sequoia“. Our director, Helen Paynter, gave the keynote address. The event also features Colette Stewart, CEO of ONUS, Will Moore, Author and Anglican Ordinand and Pádraig Ó Tuama – Irish Poet and Theologian. You can view the event here.

Bible Gender and Church Centre, Spring Seminar
Lies Abusers Tell: Weaponisation of the Bible in the Home”. Speakers: Helen Paynter and Natalie Collins

Fuelcast: Psalm 55 and Domestic Abuse
In this 6 minute video, Helen Paynter reflects on Psalm 55 and why someone might cry, ‘Oh that I had the wings of a dove! I would flee far away and stay in the desert.’

1 Peter 2:13-3:7 at Thornbury Baptist Church
Helen preaches on 1 Peter 2:13-3:7, wrestling with the ‘slaves obey’ and ‘wives submit’ passages it covers. Watch here.

Political matters

The Bible and Political Imagination
In this 35 minute presentation, Helen Paynter considers the use – and misuse – of violence as portrayed in the Bible as part of the 2021 Summer Gathering programme with the Jubilee Centre.

Politics in the Pulpit.
Helen Paynter made this video with Beth Allison-Glenny of JPIT on 16 March 2021.
How might we preach on Jeremiah 31.31-34; Psalm 51.1-12; Psalm 119.9-16; Hebrews 5.5-10; John 12.20-33, with attention to political issues?

Is it possible to be a Christian and a nationalist?
Talk given by Helen Paynter at BMS World Missions’s online event ‘Catalyst Lite’, 9th Oct 2020.


Virtue and Violence: Reflections on the Sermon on the Mount
Are Christians called to embrace nonviolence in pursuit of Christian virtue? Christian theologians have long wrestled with the question of the relationship between virtue and violence and, in particular, whether Christians are called to embrace nonviolence in pursuit of Christian virtue. In this webinar, David Cramer and Myles Werntz, coauthors of A Field Guide to Christian Nonviolence: Key Thinkers, Activists, and Movements for the Gospel of Peace (Baker Academic, 2022), discuss Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) as a perennial source for Christian reflection on the relationship between virtue and violence, drawing on thinkers ranging from St. Augustine to Howard Thurman to contemporary feminist and womanist theologians. 29th Nov 2022. Watch here.

Still trusting the God of Justice
Webinar presented by Alianore Smith of IJM (UK). What does it look like to stay faithful in justice work for the long haul? How, when you are daily hearing and studying stories of violence and oppression, do you continue to trust in a God of justice? 4th Oct 2022. Watch here.

Conference Sessions

2023 conference “Let Justice Roll: Scripture and Power in Palestine“.
Day 1
Session 1. “Let us be Ambassadors of Justice” with Jack Sara and “Power and Interpretation” with Helen Paynter
Day 2
Session 1. Papers from Munther Isaac and John Barclay with response from Jamie Davies.
Session 2. Papers from Mitri Raheb and Alison Walker with response from Sara Améstegui Deik
Final Session (online)
Session 1. Paper from Niveen Sarras with response from Ashley Hibbard and Brandon Hurlbert.

2022 conference “Healing and Harm: Intersections of Trauma, Justice, and Scripture.
Monday 23rd May
Session 1. Trauma and use of the Bible with June Dickie and Christopher Southgate.
Tuesday 24th May
Session 1. Trauma and Scriptural Interpretation with Juliana Claassens and Brent Strawn.
Session 2. Panel Discussion. Restorative Justice: Should the church get involved? with Valerie Hobbs, Sam Heath, and Nathan Cartagena.
Wednesday 25th May
Session 1. Panel Discussion: Criminal Justice and the church with Matt Martens, Lynden Harris, and Sam Heath.
Session 2. Institutional Justice: Learning from the Christian Faith with Robert Chao Romero and Malcolm Foley.

2021 conference “From the Rising to the Setting Sun: Global perspectives on Bible and Violence“.
Session one. Bible and contemporary violence. With keynote address by Dr Matthew Feldman.
Session two. Traditional hermeneutical approaches (part one). With keynote address by Dr J. Richard Middleton.
Session three. Majority World Scholars. With keynote address by Dr Paul Chumhungwe.
Session four. Creative Readings of Biblical Texts. With keynote address by Dr Johanna Stiebert.
Session five. Emerging scholars. With keynote address by Dr Helen Paynter.
Session six. Traditional hermeneutical approaches (part two). With keynote address by Dr Lissa Wray Beal.

2020 academic conference. “In the Cross-Hairs. Biblical Violence in focus.”

Lent Book Club 2024

2024 Lent Book Club
1. Christianity and Critical Race Theory: A Faithful and Constructive Conversation – Authors: Robert Chao Romero and Jeff M. Liou. Respondent: Sara Améstegui Deik. Watch here.
2. Blessed are the Peacemakers: A Biblical Theology of Human Violence – Author: Helen Paynter. Respondent: Matthew Lynch. Watch here.
3. Forbidden Fruit and Fig Leaves: Reading the Bible with the Shamed – Author: Judith Rossall. Respondents: Joel Osborne. Watch here.
4. The Ballot and the Bible: How Scripture has been used and abused in American Politics – Author: Kaitlyn Schiess. Respondent: Michael Spalione. Watch here.

Lent Book Club 2023

2023 Lent Book Club
1. Violence and Peace in Sacred Texts: Interreligious Perspectives – Editor: Helen Paynter. Respondent: Georgina Jardim. Watch here.
2. The Other Side of the Wall: A Palestinian Christian Narrative of Lament and Hope – Author: Munther Isaac. Respondent: Ashley Hibbard. Watch here.
3. Cursing with God: The Imprecatory Psalms and the Ethics of Christian Prayer – Author: Trevor Laurence. Respondents: Gabi Groenewald and James Simmons. Watch here.
4. The Things that Make for Peace: Jesus and Eschatological Violence – Author: Jesse Nickel. Respondent: Carolyn Whitnall. Watch here.
5. Unspeakable: Preaching and Trauma-Informed Theology – Author: Sarah Travis. Respondent: David Tombs. Watch here.

Lent Lectures 2022

2022 Lectures during Lent
1. Ephesians and the Multidimensional Gospel of Peace. Currently unavailable.
2. Building Trust Through Inter-Faith Dialogue – Dr Georgina Jardim. Watch here.
3. Witnessing to Christ’s Love in Reconciliation: Opportunities and Challenges for the Church – Dr David Tombs. Watch here.
4. Ecclesial Peacemaking: A Cross-Bearing Practice for Lent and Beyond – Revd Dr Steven Harmon. Watch here.
5. Peace, Violence and the Ukraine Conflict – Steve Hucklesby. Watch here.
6. Splashing our Way to the Peaceable Kingdom: Facing Conflict with Footwashing, Forgiveness and Neighbour-Love – Revd Dr Christopher Landau. Watch here.