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Interpreting biblical violence
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Interpreting biblical violence

Sexual violence in the Bible
Helen Paynter was interviewed on 1st Feb 2019 by Paul Hammond at UCB Radio about the texts of sexual violence in the Old Testament. Listen to the recording here on Soundcloud.

#SheToo podcasts
Helen Paynter was interviewed by Rosie Dawson in the first and last episodes of the Bible Society’s #SheToo podcast series. You can listen to her, and to the other contributors (who come from a wide variety of faith perspectives), here on the Bible Society website.

Judges 19
This is an informal sermon on the rape of the Levite’s “concubine”, preached by Helen Paynter at CrossNet church, Bristol, 15th June 2019.
This is an interview with Helen Paynter by Grace of the Recovering God podcast team.

Study Day – Violence and the Bible
On 15th June 2019 Helen Paynter delivered a day of teaching for the GOLD project on the theme of biblical violence. You can find the audio recordings and the PowerPoint by clicking on the ‘Learn More’ link at the bottom of this page.

Silenced Women
On 10th October 2019, an art exhibition entitled #SheToo: Silenced Women of the Bible was launched at Calne Baptist Church (sponsored by the Bible Society). The artist was Jen Ford. Helen Paynter gave an address on the story of Hagar. The art can be viewed, and the talk downloaded here.

Mere Fidelity interview with CSBV Research Associate Trevor Laurence on the imprecatory psalms, the subject of his PhD dissertation.

Other podcasts

Walking on Eggshells
In November 2021, Helen Paynter was interviewed by John Cheek of Flame Christian Radio about the ways that Scripture can be used to harm or heal in situations of domestic abuse. You can listen here.

Sackcloth and coffee
In July 2020, Helen Paynter was interviewed by Sophie Whitmarsh, a former student of Helen’s, and now curate at St David’s Cathedral. Helen spoke about her faith, pain and disappointment, and (of course) biblical violence. You can listen here.

Beer Christianity
In June 2020, CSBV director Helen Paynter was a guest of the podcasters at Beer Christianity. We talked about biblical genocide, Samson, the Flood, how to talk to right-wing Christians, and lots more. Listen here.
In Sept 2020 the Beer Christianity team invited Helen back for a follow-up podcast recording. You can listen to it here.

Skeptics and Seekers
“Will you defend God on the charge of injustice?” On May 11th 2019, Helen had a long discussion with David Johnson, the ex-Christian of the ‘Skeptics and Seekers’ podcast. You can listen to the debate here.

Trusting the Bible
In March 2022, Helen Paynter joined Andrew Ollerton to discuss horror and violence in the Old Testament, looking in particular at Judges 19, known as one of the ‘Texts of Terror’. Listen here to Episode 4.