Why Hope?

In a world which seems to be spiraling more rapidly into chaos with every passing year, what grounds can there possibly be for hope? Can we avoid lapsing into sheer pessimism without falling into the traps of blithe (carefree) denialism or saccharine (excessively sweet or sentimental) platitudes (satement)? In this weekly series, Baptist minister and biblical scholar Helen Paynter takes viewers through some of the chief biblical reasons for hope. This is not a parade of inspirational Bible verses extracted from their context but a deep dive into the rich and foundational truths of God’s word, embedded in the rich themes and life-giving narrative of Scripture. Wherever life finds you right now, you are invited to join us for this year-long journey. Through our engagement with his word, may God lead us all into a deeper understanding, a stronger faith, and a surer hope for God’s promised future.

Was it something I read?

Everyday theology about important issues facing the church. Join Ashley Hibbard, Alex Jones, and Kate Heyen discuss excellent books that examine the issues and scriptures that make so many uncomfortable and leave us with a lot of questions. The podcast aims to break down troubling texts and hard concepts and make them useful in our life and faith.

Guns and God

Guns and God is a podcast consisting of conversations about places where faith and politics overlap, with particular interest in extremism and violence. Most episodes are co-hosted by Helen Paynter, director of the CSBV, and Matthew Feldman, expert on the ‘radical right’, along with with an invited guest. Conversations focus on a diverse range of topics, such as antisemitism, the myth of redemptive violence, BLM, Islamism, and MAGA.