Academic Arm

The Academic Arm of the Centre focuses on undertaking and facilitating cutting-edge postgraduate research in the area, and offering postgraduate academic teaching. Our aim is to study questions appertaining to Bible and Violence deeply and rigorously in collaboration with scholars from different (or no) faith traditions, nationalities and academic disciplines.

It is possible to study with us for an MA (Durham University, MA in Theology, Ministry, Mission, Bible and Violence track) or an MTh/PhD (Aberdeen University). For more information about this, visit Study with Us.

Our academic work takes a number of forms. We have an annual conferences, and host other, occasional, events. We have recently agreed a book series with Routledge, and a peer-review, open-access journal, the JSBV, will be launched soon. For details of these, and a host of other things that we offer and undertake, visit Academic Work.